Do you want to add an extra layer of protection to your browsing activity? Get yourself a proxy server and stay anonymous visiting any websites. Really, a proxy server is great for businesses and average users as they have so much to offer. If you are still thinking of getting one, is likely to offer you a good deal. Now let’s go over the main reasons why you need to use a proxy server.
First and foremost, it provides with a possibility to control the Internet usage of your employees and children. This advantage is great for business owners, educational establishments, and houses with kids. It eliminates the seduction to stream videos instead of working. In addition, it prevents children from getting their hands on the inappropriate content.
Secondly, it provides with bandwidth savings and improved speed. Big companies are sure to see it as a benefit since a proxy server improves the network performance. In addition, a proxy stores the data from the visited pages and the next time you send a request for it, the content will reach you faster. Both average users and big corporations can speed things up.
In addition, you get privacy benefits. A proxy server allows you to visit websites anonymously. Your IP address will be masked by another one. The website won’t know that it was you who visited. It’s great to monitor the rivals in your business or any other websites. Anyway, it won’t be traced back to you.
You need to get a proxy server in order to improve the security level. It’s like adding another firewall to your Internet security measures. A proxy prevents malware and viruses from getting to your PC because you don’t actually reach the websites’ servers, your proxy does. It’s very helpful when you download games or playing them online. They are often packed with spam and ads. Go to and get to know how to prevent all that.
This is also a way to go around the restrictions and access the blocked websites. If the restriction is based on your location, you can use the IP from the needed region and get access to the content you need.
On the other hand, you should be aware that there are dangers if using proxies, too. Most of them can be prevented by getting a good proxy from a well-known and respected company.