Can you imagine a pair of killer stilettos? Just like this essential element of women’s wardrobe is an oriental perfume. Using it makes you feel that you own the world. You feel powerful yet feminine. Such perfume stands out from the rest. Let’s discover why and what is so special about it.

The different effects of one perfume

Oriental perfumes are always different and that’s the best part about them. It all depends on which notes are there in the perfume pyramid.

Mix it with musk or amber and you’ll get a very feminine, warm scent. If you wish to perfumes baratos something exotic, your best choice will be to get a mixture with animalistic notes or earthy ones.

You can find some combinations of an oriental fragrance with floral notes. This blend will definitely smell seductive and sensual. It’s a great choice for a date night.

Oriental perfumes are best suited for seasons like fall and winter. When it’s rainy or cold, this scent will keep you warm and calm reminding you of something heartwarming.

All in all, oriental perfume family is very rich and versatile. Their scents are bold and yet very mysterious. You are sure to find something outstanding for your perfume wardrobe.

The most popular oriental scents

If you don’t know where to star, we suggest you take a look at such representatives: Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls, Guerlain Shalimar, etc. In case you don’t have such a perfume, it’s high time to buy it.