Ariana Grande with her new album, Sweetener, is making her fans scream from excitement. The artist offers a large number of new songs with hot and excellent Pop, R&B and trap styles. The new album is likely to hit an American Billboards.

Ariana Grande with her Sweetener is likely to peak the world charts

Ariana Grande, a famous American singer and artist, has recently presented her new album, Sweetener. Ariana has been working for the new album for over 1 year and has finally released it to the public. Being one of the most long-awaited albums for 2018, the singer didn’t disappoint her fans: the new compositions completely come up with Ariana’s classic R&B style.

Although the album has recently seen the world, its compositions are now hitting the top charts in Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and New Zealand. Sweetener is considered to be even more promising than Grande’s previous work, Dangerous Woman. The new album attracted a number of guests, who’s vocals are making the sound richer. Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliott are among them. Therefore, Sweetener can boast to have an outstanding tone and style.

Among the most popular songs, there is “The Light is Coming”, “Breathing” and “God is a Woman.” You can find free songs download and enjoy the new album of Ariana Grande for no charges! Dive into the world of quality music and discover the new compositions with no efforts.