The recliner chair is an advanced, high-tech category of upholstered furniture designed for high-grade rest with a busy schedule of work. Such models were created in the first half of the last century, but there was no need to use them in mass production. The customers of the furniture were mainly aircraft, spacecraft construction companies, which were interested in perfect support and rest for the pilots during long flights. But the acceleration of the pace of life, the increase in production, the transition to digital technology, accompanied the introduction of space chairs in the realities of everyday work.

What distinguishes the recliner from the usual swing chairs?

Such models have a complex mechanized design, which can be equipped with different types of control: sensor, remote control, or mechanical levers. These chairs allow you to change the angle of the backrest almost to the prone position, while equipped with a retractable footrest. You can visit and choose the best recliners in 2019.

Models combine the functions of a working chair and a cozy place for a short rest. They rotate, wiggle with the help of an innovative glider, and unfold into a chaise longue. Some options are equipped with massage options that allow you to relax, escape, in a short period of time. The shape of the seats emphasizes the anatomical curves of the body so that the sitting position does not have a detrimental effect on the spine.

The principle of the recliners depends on what mechanism is built into the chair. The simplest design is a mechanical layout using pressure on the back, or actuation of a special lever. This option is not smooth, requires, albeit small, but physical effort. The back is fixed only in the given positions; it will not be possible to choose another angle of inclination.