Looking for a perfect virtual reality set? How to choose the best option? Here you will find the review for one of the best VR sets for 2018. Meet HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset and discover its pro features and benefits.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset: the review

Virtual reality is currently becoming more and more popular among gamers. There is a wide range of various virtual reality headsets available on the market. However, most of them miss some important features that are vital for pro gamers. However, HTC VIVE Pro is likely to fit even the most demanding players. So, what makes the device stand apart from its analogs?

  • The highest possible resolution. The device offers an incredible resolution of 1,440*1600 per eye, making the picture and colors bright and intense without blurring.
  • The great number of sensors. The headset has a camera, motion and external motion tracking for the best gaming experience.
  • Platform for PC. The headset will perfectly suit the any powerful PC of the experienced gamer.
  • Headphones are already built-in. No more messing around additional audio accessories – the headphone are already embedded to the headset.

The only drawback of HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset is its price. Most online and retail stores offer to purchase the device for over $800,00. However, there is one great solution in case you have a limited budget. Try sms lån norge and enjoy your game!